SketchUp is a powerful tool for 3D modelling. It is highly rated for its simple, easy-to-learn design and ability to quickly bring ideas to life.

Since the arrival of Virtual Reality it has been a platform forsome truly remarkable games and experiences. However, the benefits of this technology are not just limited to entertainment. Professional industries such asarchitecture, engineering, medicine and agriculture are constantly uncovering and developing new ways to use this technology to assist their businesses. Along with this, talented software developers are collaborating with key stakeholders to provide the tools of the future.


One such tool is a new add-on for SketchUp, combining 3D modelling and Virtual Reality. Using the HTC Vive headset, people can create, edit and view the SketchUp 3D model utilising this immersive technology thus giving users a multitude of different perspectives on the model.The add-on provides a two-way live sync between the SketchUp program and the virtual reality application. This allows any updates in the model to be made instantly viewable between both viewing screens. It is easy to set up and use, perfect for being able to quickly and effectively present or discuss designs with a client or team.


Immersive, real-time modelling demonstrations for clients using SketchUp do have a few requirements; Powerful computing hardware, multiple software licenses, and a large, professional space that is suitable for Virtual Reality experiences are all necessary to help create the most immersive experience possible.


If this doesn’t sound like you or your business, don’t panic! Beyond Pixels Virtual Reality studio is available to provide the perfect atmosphere to test out this software, alongside a wide range of the latest experiences on offer. No experience is necessary, either – whether this is your first time trying out Virtual Reality software or you’re an expert, we cater to people of all interests and technological levels.


Build something from scratch, or we can preload one of your existing models. Sessions begin at $25 for 30 minutes, and our studio is conveniently located near the centre of town at 262 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide. For any further information or enquiries, please contact (08) 8361 6900 or contact us using the Contact Page
Chris Michael