Facebook Competition Results – April/May 2018

Facebook Competition Results – April/May 2018

A big thank you to everyone who entered our Facebook Competition that went from April 12th – May 16th 2018. We had over 110 entries with some really amazing answers to the question we set of, “What would you like to experience in Virtual Reality?”

Congratulations to Kim Rudd, winner of a $30 JB Hi-Fi Gift card. Her response was chosen at random amongst all the other fantastic entries commented on our competition post.

We were blown away by the quality of the comments people had provided and would like to highlight some of them below.

  • Nicole Michael – I would like to experience a trip home to Berlin or pay a visit to New York and see the Times Square and Central Park.
  • Brodie Hamilton – I’d like to experience interactive content based on the stories, movies and games I enjoyed as a kid. It would be awesome to see the Harry Potter world come to life, or be immersed in an exploreable Pokemon world.
  • Estelle Philp – I would love to experience hang gliding over the plains of Africa, and around the mountains, seeing lions and elephants and just generally doing things I would never do in real life!
  • Dennis Susanto – I would love to experience dogfight in x-wing fighter star wars that would be amazing.
  • Adam Colbran – World of Warcraft in virtual reality.
  • Jade O’Shea – I’d love to experience an all animated anime buffet, everything they eat in those tv shows and movies looks delicious… especially Spirited Away!
  • Adele Smith – The multitude of destinations on my bucket list like Canada & the Galapagos Islands. To inspire and drive me to experiencing them in real life.
  • Richard Anderson – I’d love to play all my fav games in VR, especially Fallout 4, I hear they are working on it right now!
  • BJ Lee – I would like to be able to live in the realm of Game of Thrones, conniving my way to the Iron Throne and conquering Westeros.
  • Jack Russell – I’d love to be part of a horror movie or a horror video game. Imagine running away from Jason Voorhees turning a corner, thinking you’re safe. Then you hear a soft scraping sound followed by “One, two, Freddies coming for you”…actual shivers.
  • Grace Mowat – I’d love to experience natural phenomenons, like the Northern Lights, or immersive wildlife safaris and tours – like an interactive Planet Earth!
  • Charisse Childs – … I’m petrified of heights so I’d like to conquer my fear and try walking on a narrow bridge between very high mountains, as I will know I can’t really fall, it’s just VR….right?
  • Roberto Colombi – Imagine i’m in a hammock, drinking some expensive cocktails in exotic beach locations instead of being behind a desk in an office with no natural sunlight!
  • Irene Pelow – Only a small number of people could ever do it for real and it won’t be me, so I’d like to experience climbing Mt Everest in VR.
  • Bruce Pelow –  Due to problems with my eardrums, I can’t scuba dive but would really love to see what the underwater world really looks like using VR.
  • Belinda Bee – I would like to walk around the Louvre in Paris, I only spent a few hours there but I honestly could have walked around for days!
  • Charlotte Scotton – Scuba diving – I’ve always had a fascination with the mysterious stillness of the deep ocean, but that goes hand in hand with a deep fear of actually being down there!!!
  • Koshita Wimalaratna – A concert. I don’t always get to go to see my favourite performers, so it would be the next best thing to being there and experiencing the thrill.
  • Jessica Harrington – Mars. I want to experience hanging out on the surface of Mars, chasing the NASA rover around and looking for little green men.
  • Ifthi Raham – To experience iconic fictional places in the MCU, such as Wakanda, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Stark Tower and Star lord’s ship the Milano.

There were many more noteworthy entries that are not listed above so please check out the post here, to read them all.

Thank you all again for taking part in the competition and we hope you can all get to fulfil your idea virtual reality experience in the future. A little reward for anyone who read this post, our next competition will be on Instagram, stay tuned.

Chris Michael